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Amen Mustang (Euphoric, Melancholic Indie-Dance)

Amen Mustang is the new solo project for Jenny Broke The Window singer, Sam Lathlean. Inspired by Mystery Jets, Miami Horror, and The Maccabees, their sound is dynamic, edgy and charged with samples, dance drum patterns, and layered vocals. Produced with Xavier Dunn (GRAACE, Jack River, Cxloe, Super Cruel). Remix/Covers EP “Isolation Tapes” is out 31 July.

“Like many other artists during March this year I was sitting at home twiddling my thumbs thinking what the hell am I going to do now all my shows have been cancelled. I’d spent the last 6 months practicing with my band, getting ready to unleash the live show but now that wasn’t possible. I guess it’s onwards to Plan B, even though that didn’t exist yet! I think it was when I heard my long-time friend and filmmaker Mitch Noakes had just arrived home from the UK (thanks to COVID) that I thought of teaming up with him again to do something creative. I felt that even though I couldn’t be out there playing shows I could still do something that ‘felt’ live in some way. Given I’m a new artist and all my material is unreleased bar one song, the idea was born that I would record some live cover versions of some of my favourite artists, along with my debut single.

We agreed the location had to be big, but also a bit of a blank canvas in a way that would portray the sense of Isolation of me in a room playing music. That triggered my memory to a few months prior I had been to my nieces christening at a church that totally took me by surprise visually. No stained glassed windows, in fact no windows at all apart from the skylight. Just concrete and a tiny bit of wood. It was more like an architecturally designed indoor skate park. Fast forward a month or so and myself and Mitch are shooting the “Isolation Tapes” (abiding by the social distancing laws) in under 5 hours. I was very careful in selecting the songs to perform as I wanted to provide some context as to what my new project will be about going forward. These are some of my favourite artists and songs in which I was excited to re-interpret with an AMEN MUSTANG spin. I felt these would really speak to what I’m trying to say in this project and also be a lot of fun.” – Sam Lathlean / Amen Mustang

The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala

“Best song of the decade with the best bass line ever (in my opinion). I didn’t have a choice, this was the first cover to start work on. One of the most respected songwriter/producers of his generation. I think what draws me to Tame Impala is the continuous artistic evolution of expression, sound and clarity. Something every artist/producer should aspire to I think.”

Video Games – Lana Del Rey

“I still remember when this song came out, it was instantly recognisable as timeless and at the same time something not heard before. Play it to me for the first time now in 2020 and I’d probably react the same way. Just like I remember where I was when I first heard Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor, The Cure – Lovecats or Kings of Leon – Four Kicks. This track has such simple song writing which provides so much open space when re-interpreting it. I’d heard plenty of stripped back cover versions of this but not many that had been sped up with drums and synths and the lot. So I went for it”.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Frankie Valli

“This song is pure heart-felt expression, it’s a joyous catharise. It’s also pretty unique in that a lot of people know it in different contexts. Whether its Frankie and the four seasons, Gloria Gaynors disco version or the younger generation who know it from Heath Ledgers rendition in 10 Things I Hate About You – best movie of all time (sarcasm – but not really). I wanted to carry a strong synth element through this one and drew on some strong Mystery Jets influences combining to give an AMEN MUSTANG feel.”

STREAM EP Here: https://smarturl.it/AmenIso