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Baby Beef (Charming Indie-Pop)

In 2018 the 3 members of Baby Beef realised something that had been true all along; they always were a band, all they needed to do was make some music. Starting out totally vulnerable & self-reflective, Baby Beef now proudly and confidently advocate the importance of loving yourself and expressing your feelings.

Baby Beef are wasting no time in 2020. Their very first EP ‘Beautiful Hands’, is a five-track offering that threatens to challenge your emotional state just as much as it threatens to improve your dance moves.

Sharing his thoughts on the songs, Baby Beef himself says: “These songs collectively represent my ever-fluctuating relationship with love, happiness, shame, and sadness that I've experienced in the past year… a new-wave diary that I wrote with my best friends”

Photo: Lucinda White

Live, Baby Beef hit awfully hard considering how light they travel. They weave enchanting theatrical elements into their powerful stage show, as songs oscillate from devastating to humorous at the strangest of times. Described as “Sydney’s surprisingly best support band”, and “ABBA for millennials”, they’re out to catch even the most jaded soul off-guard.

Self-producing all musical and visual elements, Baby Beef’s style of music is inspired by art-pop instigators like Fine Young Cannibals, ​​Alex Cameron, and ​​Ariel Pink. Equal parts unnerving and familiar. In fact, most listeners find it best to take a few days off work. This helps them to process the melodies, convinced they have glimpsed into their own future.

New single “Beautiful Hands” is the next taste of Baby Beef’s debut EP.

“Self-harm scars and botched tattoos don't make your hands any less expressive, any less thankful, any less beautiful.

Your hands are beautiful, your body is beautiful and they're an extension of you, your feelings, your concerns and your pride and your insecurities. They do a lot of work, because you do a lot of work. They do the touching, because you want them to, because someone wants them to.

This song is about the emotional journey you take yourself on when learning to love your body. The highs & lows of self-confidence and the effect that has on your outlook and your relationship with the outside world. This is a pop song, not only for the nagging ghosts you shed as you get older, but the vicious, more threatening ghosts that try to take their place.”Baby Beef

"You can get through anything with Baby Beef in your life. Nice new tune legends." triple j / Claire Mooney

"Three different vocalists all bringing a different flavour to the track? Now that's just greedy. Keeps you guessing, keeps it FRESH" triple j / Tommy Faith

“…a unique charm that soothes just as much as it grooves and you don’t want to miss them live." Deafen County

“All it takes is a great tune, some good(ish) dancing and a terrible backdrop for Baby Beef to get you hooked.” Life Without Andy

“Free Therapy courtesy of Baby Beef and it’s so bloody beautiful!” FBi Radio / Jaimee Taylor-Nielsen

"Quickly becoming known as Sydney art-pop favourites, Baby Beef have their eyes on the rest of the country with their new one." Pilerats

"It’s odd, manual, improbable, and empowering." ComeHereFloyd