• Viscera Arts

Broken Ballerina (Underground Melodic Electronica)

Broken Ballerina is an electronic/ambient musical project in sonic exploration for Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Jay Westfold. Not his first foray into music but a synthesis of past musical experiences: “I shifted through alt rock, pop, post-rock and metal bands before I landed in a space where I could bring elements of all those influences into a more ephemeral project” explains Westfold.

Drawing influence from Keith Kenniff's Helios, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Ben Lukas-Boysen and Nils Frahm, there aren't any rules or restrictions for Westfold. It’s truly an exercise in ‘feel,’ pouring his heart in to the little jewellery box, opening it up and seeing what springs to life.

The world is a noisy place, Broken Ballerina is weaving an auditory trail one step out of phase from the real world, pirouetting through everything that feels a bit broken and that's ok. It's the little defects that make things human.

“On the last weekend before restrictions came into place for the Covid-19 Pandemic I wanted spend some time in nature and was drawn to a giant Californian Redwood Plantation Near my house. I took a recorder with me, just to see if inspiration struck and I’m glad I did as this is where I captured the field recordings used in this piece.

Those sounds formed the catalyst to create something that epitomised that feeling of calm in nature, skipping through the forest floor with the playful piano and music box. Then without even realising it, I was including this disruptive horn like synth layer punching through in the bass frequencies and little glitches on the periphery to disturb it all. By the end I felt a sense of relief, like I had created something that really felt like a stark representation of our current situation in isolation.” – Jay Westfold