• Viscera Arts

Kitten Heel (Soaring Indie-Dance)

Wollongong band Kitten Heel are purveyors of confidence and synth prowess. Their guitar & synth lead indie-dance music is equal parts floor-filler and heartbreaker.

Earning recognition from Los Angeles’ tastemaker radio station KCRW, Kitten Heel are attracting attention from around the globe. Nights DJ Travis Holcombe has been supporting “Take Me With You” while Aaron Byrd has been playing “Fold Down. Both from their recent debut EP “Club Dust.”

Quickly following up “Club Dust”, Kitten Heel return with new single “Last to Leave”. A distorted ascent of punk and synth, “Last to Leave” poses a stark emotive redirection for the band. Capturing the beauty in change - and in chaos, it is a testament to the final vapors of youthful abandon.

The 6-piece, led by writer/production duo Jareth Leslie-Evans and Jourdain Vitiello, continue the only way they know how - flat stick, honest and unapologetic. “Last to Leave” comes accompanied by B side – “What They’re Having” – a hypnotic & idiosyncratic dance aesthetic. These are the first offerings from the follow up EP “I Love You Too, Man” which slated for release in the latter stages of 2020.